Ana Luiza Massena
February 2018 by Ana Luiza Massena , 5 Star REVIEW ON NAKED APARTMENTS , Murray Hill
I started working with Ian from afar, since I was moving from Brazil to NYC. I knew how difficult it could be to lease an apartment as a foreigner in NY, but Ian made it all super easy and was very knowledgeable of all the different requirements landlords usually have for foreign tenants.

I contacted Ian from Brazil and he was incredibly professional, honest and extremely thoughtful. In a couple of hours, he already had a short list of apartments he thought I could be interested in. We narrowed down to a total of 6 apartments and Ian was supper effective, visiting them all in one day and using Facetime to show them to me since I wasn’t in the US at the time.

I was very apprehensive to lease an apartment sight unseen, but Ian truly had my best interest at heart and found an amazing apartment that met all the requirements I was looking for and was within my budget. I have since moved to the apartment and I could not be happier with my choice.

Ian was incredible during all of this process and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for apartments in NY. He truly goes above and beyond for his clients.

December 2017 by CARMEN & ERIC , 5 STAR REVIEW ON NAKED APARTMENTS , Upper West Side
We started to work with Ian from afar, and even before we set foot in NYC, he had already started to narrow down options for us to look at. When we arrived in New York, he had a solid short-list of apartments that fully met our requirements and a solid agenda of visits for the day. Thanks to his professionalism, and having understood exactly what we were looking for, we were able to close in on, and secure, an apartment in NYC in a record 4 days. We were very lucky to have found Ian and recommend him without hesitation.
Eric and Carmen

Daniel P
November 2017 by Daniel P , 5 Star Review on Yelp , Upper East Side
I am moving from Toronto to New York for work and after seeing Ian's great reviews enlisted his help in finding an apartment in Manhattan. I found him to be extremely effective, knowledgeable, honest, and understanding of his client's needs and concerns.

To start, as a Canadian finding an apartment in Manhattan is not an easy process as lessors generally have different and more restrictive requirements for foreigners. Ian was extremely helpful in walking me through the process as a foreign citizen, making sure I had the proper documentation in-hand when I landed in New York.

I was only in New York for a couple days, so Ian managed to line up about a dozen apartments in one day that we looked at together. The next day, a Saturday, there were a couple apartments I had interest in that I wanted to see for a second time, so Ian took time out of his weekend to arrange and attend last-minute showings. I ended up choosing one of these apartments, so we went back to his office, prepared the application package, and submitted it. My application was successful, and within a couple days I was able to sign the leases from Toronto. The process was over more quickly and easily than I could have hoped for or imagined.

I cannot recommend Ian enough and urge anyone looking to buy or rent to contact him.

George S
October 2017 by George S , 5 Star Review on Yelp , Murray Hill
5 Star Review on Yelp
"I have finished off a property search with Anchor's Real Estate Agent, Ian Sossen. Ian - aside from years of experience - is an agent that truly works for his clients/customers in their quest for better living conditions. He is very knowledgable about most areas in Manhattan and has a firm grasp about the "appetites" of many high-end management companies (what they are looking for so the applicants will promptly qualify for approval be it in rental or purchase.) As observed, on numerous occasions, he has an excellent long-standing professional relationships with a number of realty firms and several co-brokers; that is to say he is respected by his peers and my a number of his clients, like myself.

I have already given several of his business cards to associates of mine whom are looking to purchase high-end market real estate.

If you have been burned by using other realtors in Manhattan, as I have in the past, you should make one last effort and contact Ian Sossen at Anchor Associates.

September 2017 by HARSHITA DADDALA , 5 Star Review on Naked Apartments , Clinton
I moved from Toronto to New York and I was looking for an apartment to move into from Toronto. It was difficult to find an apartment with no credit history but Ian made it so easy. With Ian''s help, I was able to view multiple apartments remotely and he was considerate enough to help me find an apartment within my budget and in a great neighbourhood, close to my office. I have moved into my new apartment since and I absolutely love it here and it wouldn''t have been possible without Ian. Thank you so much!

September 2017 by Elise , 5 Star Review on Naked Apartments , Turtle Bay
Ian was absolutely amazing! He really listened to what we wanted in an apartment and made sure to only take us to see units that fit this criteria. He was always checking in on us to make sure everything was going smoothly, even right up to our move-in date. I would highly recommend Ian for anyone looking to make apartment hunting super easy!!!

August 2017 by KYLE TUCKMAN , Five Star Review - Naked Apartments , Upper West Side
Ian was incredible. He cared about my search and was nothing but helpful. Trust him, he is great.

Ariana W
June 2017 by Ariana W , 5 Star Review on Naked Apartments , Upper East Side
5.0 star rating 6/14/2017
My roommate and I were looking to upgrade our apartment and Ian helped us to find the perfect place! We couldn't have had a better experience! After messaging a few agents regarding listings, Ian was the first to respond. He was very thorough in asking our preferences and also detailed in explaining the documents we would need for the application process. That way, if we found something we loved, we could apply immediately. Every apartment Ian showed us was in line with what we were looking for. He was patient and not at all pushy, which is something that is often hard to find in a broker. Overall he made the stressful process of looking for a new apartment an easy one. I would absolutely recommend Ian and he will be my first call should I ever need to move again!

Danielle P. Yorkville, Manhattan, NY
May 2017 by Danielle P. Yorkville, Manhattan, NY , Five Star Review on Yelp , Upper East Side
5.0 star rating 5/16/2017
Honestly, Ian Sossen with Anchor Associates made the apartment search as easy as pie for my roommate and I. We''ve been living in the same apartment for 6 years, and decided to meet with Ian to see what he had to offer us.

Ian was very responsive and spent over 5 hours with us showing several great apartments that were within our budget. In addition, he negotiated on our behalf when possible - he went above and beyond, in my opinion. I already recommended Ian to a family friend of mine who is moving to NYC from FL and would recommend him to anyone in search of an NYC apartment! He really knows his stuff!

May 2017 by Ryan , Renthop Review , Upper East Side
Ian is a great resource for finding apartments that fit your criteria. He works hard and is always reachable. He is a professional and quick to respond to any question you have. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment, especially in the Upper East Side.
April 2017 Ryan

May 2017 by RICHARD ZIMMERMAN , Five Star Review - Naked Apartments , Midtown East
Ian helped us find the absolute perfect apartment. He was so attentive and persistent and would not rest until we had he place that we wanted. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!
I rented an apartment from this agent.

Crystal W. Austin, TX
May 2017 by Crystal W. Austin, TX , 5 Star Review on Yelp , Upper East Side
5.0 star rating 5/6/2017
I worked with Ian J Sossen at Anchor and I'm pleased with the experience. I got in contact with Ian 1-2 days before I came to NY for viewings and he quickly showed me a few no-fee places on the upper east side within my budget. I liked one of the places he showed me but couldn't make a decision.

After a few days, I was in NY again visiting friends and decided to take another look at the unit. I texted him in the afternoon around 4:30 for a 7pm showing. He immediately replied and took me to the building again but showed a better unit with the same layout on a higher floor, which I chose as my new home.

I'm very happy with Ian. To summarize, he's no-BS, polite, accommodating and respectful of my time. Compared with other brokers I met, he does not push you into something you are not sure about. I appreciate his approach of showing you options but leaving you space and time to make your own decision.