June 2015 by Melanie H
Without a doubt, Randy is the most honest, helpful and hard working broker I have encountered in New York. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, but he is invested in his clients and committed to finding them the best possible apartment that fits their criteria. In total, Randy, my roommate and I visited five different apartments over the span of two weekends. Never has Randy been late nor unprepared. Instead, Randy has been reliable, responsive and realistic with us throughout the entire process. He always makes himself available to answer any and all questions (even the ridiculous ones). I cannot tell you how refreshing it has been working with a broker who sincerely seems more committed to providing his clients a service than commissioning a fee. As an NYU student with many obstacles and hoops to jump through to secure a place, Randy really came through. I highly recommend his service!

October 2014 by Martha on Yelp , A Partnership
I recently moved in to my new Brooklyn apartment. I was very stressed at the idea of moving and was so lucky to have met Randy Caddle who helped me in my search. He really put me at ease. I had a lot of requests and wasn''t familiar with many neighborhoods. His knowledge of Brooklyn areas and patient attitude really made my process 100 times better then I expected. I really didn''t have to worry, he brought many options to me and we were able to find a place fairly quickly. I highly recommend requesting to work with him if you need to move. He didn''t push any place on me which made me feel comfortable, it felt like a partnership to really find the place that was best for me.

August 2014 by Katherine O , Exceptional
Moving is one of the most stressful experiences us New Yorkers have to face. I promised myself after my first move I would never use a broker again. From our first conversation Randy Caddle put me at ease with his genuine concern, professional demeanor, and personal knowledge about the different neighborhoods and building managements in the city. He understood my needs and never once forced one apartment over another. Coming from a luxury building I knew I was going to have to make sacrifices to be in an area I really wanted to live in. Randy pointed out all the pros and cons which allowed me to make the best decision. The day he showed me an apartment that I fell in love with, I was headed out to the Hampton''s for 5 days. Randy went above and beyond his responsibility as a broker to help me secure this unique apartment. He ran all over the city gathering my paperwork, picking up leases, drop off checks in order to get the job done! I highly recommend Randy to anyone looking for someone to help make a stressful process a breeze. His devotion and willingness to go way beyond "his job" was unbelievable and very rare in this city. Thanks to him I''m moving into a perfect apartment in SoHo that fits my personal needs! Thank you so much Randy for your non stop help and amazing communication!!!!!

June 2014 by Katie A , Genuine
If you are looking to find a place in NYC then Randy Caddle at Anchor Associates Midtown is your man! He asked detailed questions, listened to everything I had to say, gave great feedback and then used all of that to find me the perfect place to live. His knowledge of the city and each borough is incredible and he really takes the time to get to know you, what you like and what you need to find the right area and right home. He keeps in contact and follows through on his word. If you want to work with someone who genuinely cares about seeing you happy with your final choice and not just about what they''re going to get out of it then you have to work with him!