August 2017 by Rebecca D. -Naked Apartments , Clinton
We just rented a Manhattan apartment with Belinda''s help. We came from out of town, and she spent several full days with us over two visits to the city. She was informed, prepared, timely, patient, pleasant and professional in getting to know our needs and preferences. We cannot imagine how much more difficult the process would have been without her! She turned a stressful situation into a pleasant process, and we are delighted with the outcome.

December 2016 by Alexa , Clinton
I am a new designer in NYC. When I realized I had to move into the city right away, I found Belinda Cruz. She was amazing! She was quick with her knowledge, very efficient, didn''t waste anytime, and was able to show me several different apartments in just a short time. Additionally, she was knowledgeable about the city, the prices and transportation opportunities. I finally found the right apartment and it was all in just 2 days! I honestly could not have started my new job without her finding me a place right away. She was a savior!

February 2016 by Yael G. , Midtown
This review is for Belinda Cruz from Anchor.

Belinda was absolutely amazing and wonderful. She was extremely helpful with finding us exactly what we wanted and answering all of our questions. We are new in town and were quite clueless on the whole process and Belinda helped guide us through it with a great amount of patience. I would highly recommend Belinda to anyone looking to find the perfect place for themselves

December 2015 by Thomas F. , Midtown
Belinda is dedicated, professional, charismatic and on your side. Just what you want in the frenetic New York market. I appreciated her insight, efficiency and delivery - we got the place, and it felt right. Hail good teamwork and thank you to Belinda.

March 2015 by Sophia K-
I had the pleasure of working with Belinda Cruz from anchor associates to find the perfect NYC apartment.

I was very specific with my criteria and Belinda showed me various apartments within my budget and my criteria. She paid very close attention to all the details. She was also very patient with me even though I kept on changing my mind on which apartment I wanted so we had to visit some 2 times.

I was also on a very tight timeline to find a place and move in and Belinda spend all day Friday and half day Saturday to make sure I found the perfect place.

She responded to all my emails In an extremely timely manner and conducted herself with professionalism the entire time. She also followed up even after my lease was signed, which was great.

I am really glad I got to work with her and I definitely recommend her to anyone searching for the perfect place in NYC :)

March 2015 by Kira P. , Midtown
Belinda Cruz was extraordinarily helpful with my search for a midtown rental. She is a true professional. Here''s why:
-she responded to questions and requests very promptly
-she listened to my requirements and only showed me apartments that filled them
-she appeared to have ongoing, positive relationships with staff at the properties we saw
-she was extremely detail-oriented and has an excellent memory
-she was very organized--we saw 10 or so units in two afternoons
-she identified a very affordable unit in the right location and we saw it right away; I applied quickly and she was very helpful through the application process
-since I returned home, I wired funds and she walked my deposit checks to the management office herself on a very rainy afternoon

Need a real estate broker in NYC? Contact Belinda at Anchor.

March 2015 by Sherry D. , Upper East Side
Belinda Cruz was a pleasure to work with when my roommate and I needed to find an apartment. I would recommend her to anyone! She was very professional, accommodating and a friendly personality. She took a genuine interest in what we were looking for and guided us through the apartment hunting process since we were new to living in Manhattan. Belinda was very thorough in answering all of our questions/concerns and guided us through every step of the process.

My roommate and I are very happy with our apartment and we couldn''t have done it without Belinda''s help!

July 2014 by Esther M. , Ridgewood
Belinda is awesome. She responded right away to my inquiry, met me on-time, was very professional and kind, and the best part is that she didn't make me feel pressured to sign the lease, but when I told her I liked the area, she directed me to a local newspaper with by-owner listings. I definitely recommend working with her!

December 2013 by Olivia Z. -Yelp! , Midtown
This review is for Belinda Cruz. Actually this is my second time to go to her. Last time she helped my sister find an ideal apt in the heart of Manhattan. She appeared to be as professional, hard working and considerate as usual. I appreciate so much for her help and could not be happier with the experience.

We have three girls to share an apt in midtown west with limited budget, and wish to settle down at the peak period of time. It seemed a not easy situation for us: we are international students with heavy school burdens hoping for living near campus--Columbus Circle. New York City is much more competitive than we thought, even the rental markets. I just contacted her two months before my intended moving day. She kept it in mind and tried hard to cater to we three girls'' different and changing requirements. She always showed patient and never pushed us for decision. But once we decided to have a try to apply, she was more than effective and efficient. Finally, we got the ideal apt with satisfaction. I can''t image how we could do without her help.

More impressively, Belinda is responsible and trustworthy. Every time she kept me updated about the situation of a specific apt, responding messages in seconds, even in the midnight. She, as well as her company is working in transparency because they will not lead you in traps. On the contrary, after moving, she did not stop caring.

Please do not hesitate to contact Belinda if you want to settle down in New York City.

October 2013 by Rachel E. -Naked Apartments , Ridgewood
Belinda is amazing! We were moving to NYC for the first time from out of state with a week to find an apartment. Belinda was quick to respond initially and easy to reach during the entire process. She worked with us and our really short time frame and was really helpful in answering all of our first-timer questions! She even took the time to check-in with us after move-in.

October 2013 by Terrence T. , Financial District
This review is for Belinda Cruz: Recently, I was in a where my apartment building was sold, and the new owner decided they wanted to live in my apartment, so my family (which included my then 3 month old daughter) and I were given 60 days to find another apartment. During the 1st 30 days of my search, I worked with at least 8 brokers from various companies to locate a new home. Frankly, none of them were sensitive to my situation, one even telling me that their time was too valuable to continue to look at multiple listings. One day, I saw an apartment on-line that looked promising, so I contacted the broker. Honestly, I expected more of the same treatment, but by chance, and luckily for me, it was Belinda Cruz! She worked tirelessly with me, taking into consideration not only my availability (which was usually after 6 PM), but more importantly, the small amount of time in which I had to find a new apartment. We viewed quite a number of apartments in various parts of the city on a daily basis. Once I got home from those exhausting viewings, there was always an email (with pics!) from Belinda that summarized the apartments we had viewed that day. Eventually, I selected a dream apartment downtown! If you're looking for an apartment broker in NYC, Belinda Cruz is as good and as genuine as it gets! I will never use another broker as long as I live in the City!!

October 2013 by Alejandro L. , Clinton
I found Belinda Cruz, and it was the best thing that happened to me in my search for an apartment. She accommodated changes in budget and showed me a proper variety to learn what I wanted. The offices of Anchor Associates were great and I really felt that the team had my best interest. Choose Anchor associates and find a great place ! Belinda is a gem and such a pleasure to work with !

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