August 2017 by John-Yelp
John Dugan and Elliot Garcia were the amazing duo! First, I must say that these two guys have so much integrity. John must have walked with me to see 6-7 apts. in the East Village (an area my partner and I were considering) on a very hot day!!! We were both sweating up a storm and not one time did John ever complain. He was courteous, friendly and professional. Following, my partner and I met Elliot who works with John because we wanted to check out FIDI. Elliot met my partner on day one, came all the way downtown on day two just for me because I couldn''t be there the day before and then a third time for the closure on an apt. we decided on an apt. in FIDI. Elliot started to feel like an extension of us. He too was friendly, professional and courteous but even began to feel like a familiar friend. This was truly a wonderful experience because there are a lot of agents/brokers out there with trickery but these two gentlemen were top notch!

June 2017 by Tamara B. , YELP , Upper East Side
In the haystack that is New York real estate, it is a breath of fresh air to meet someone who is attentive, enthusiastic, thorough and optimistic about the industry. One such person is Elliott Garcia, he truly is a lucky find and was willing to help me find an apartment in NY City. I truly appreciated his humour, positivity, engagement and professionalism and in the end, he earned the nickname "lucky penny" ... heads or tails you can't go wrong with Elliott's help in your pocket!

January 2017 by Aster G. , Yelp , Harlem
Elliot was the coolest, best broker we could''ve asked for! He was friendly, approachable, helpful, and most importantly patient; he very graciously showed us the same apartment on 4 separate occasions without pressuring us to commit, and while we were still short a roommate, too. While the process of applying to the apartment was still stressful, he made it much smoother by making us all feel relaxed and helping us with each step. 5/5 would recommend to a friend! Or a stranger, whoever.

November 2016 by Yuna J , Yelp , Midtown
Elliot Garcia is the best broker out there. He was not only capable of showing me apartments that had everything I wanted but also very professional, honest and sincere. I was able to connect to him in a personal level. Not going to lie, I was a difficult client--asking for a really really nice apartment, yet having a low budget. However, I felt very comfortable asking him, because he was very receptive and was able to find something that I really really liked.

I recommend Elliott 110%. I am definitely reaching out to him for my next apartment search.

November 2016 by Andrew P , Yelp , Manhattan
After living in NYC for a year, I''ve quickly realized that good brokers are few and far between. In fact, I usually go out of my way to avoid brokers at all costs. Due to the nature of my move and the time crunch that I was in, my girlfriend and I decided to indeed let a broker help us with our move. Elliot Garcia has forever changed my view and appreciation for brokers. He is very professional, attentive, and made sure to find us exactly what we were looking for given our budget, location and pet situation. He was very consistent with keeping us updated and did not hesitate to answer any and all questions we had day or night. I recommend Elliot 100%

November 2016 by Dipali U , Yelp , Midtown
This review is for Elliot Garcia. Brokers in NYC can be pushy annoying and try to make you look like you''re awful because you didn''t sign with them! Elliot was the exact opposite! He was super patient and had to wait half hour the first time he showed me an apartment, asked me exactly what I wanted and went on to show me listing he thought I''d like. He showed me only 4 but they were the best 4 anybody else had bothered to show!

He''s great to work with, considerate and when it comes to brokers, you will most likely not find anyone nicer!

September 2016 by Corey A , Yelp , Upper East Side
Elliot Garcia was really great to work with. I spent a couple days visiting the city having a lot of trouble with a lot of different agents. I got in touch with Elliot and he really made the job much easier. Within the first day he had contacted me back with the time to meet, had shown me a good location, and was back up to the office to get papers signed as soon as I made the request. He was incredibly kind to work with and talk to, he took the time to hear my concerns and also was fun to talk about the city with. If you''re looking for someone with a good heart, and accommodating personality and want to make your move easier speak to Elliot. I wish I had called him day 1!

September 2016 by Michael R , Yelp , Midtown
For anyone looking for an apartment I highly recommend working with this brokerage firm and Elliott Garcia in particular. After spending countless hours with a number of brokers who failed to meet our needs my roommates and I were lucky to get in contact with Elliott. Elliott went out of his way to ensure he was showing us apartments that met our criteria exactly, and was incredibly accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process. He was straight forward and honest, punctual and attentive, and really a pleasure to work with.

September 2016 by Luke W , Yelp , Gramercy Park
Elliott Garcia was an absolute joy to work with! During our search we worked with several different brokers and Elliott stood out above the rest. He never tried using any shady tactics, unlike some of the other brokers at different companies. He was a straight shooter through and through. 10/10 would recommend to friends and family.