September 2015 by Kate and Jared Pulham , Great Broker! , Upper East Side
This is regarding the excellent experience we had with Gloria Burtch. She is one who can give brokers a good name. We had been told horror stories about brokers: told to find any way around having to use one; told that everyone always resents having to hand their money over after such an unpleasant experience, but Gloria proved all those warnings wrong. She had been referred to us by a friend.
It''s telling and important to know that much of Gloria''s business is by referral. This is the reason why: she is not pushy; she is kind; she genuinely wants to help you; she knows that moving is often a stressful time of life, especially into one of Earth''s most intimidating places. She made the process no longer intimidating because with her long experience, she told us calmly and informatively what we should expect and what we shouldn''t. She listened to what was important to us and tried to find us places that fit that. She didn''t try to push anything on us that skewed from our priorities. Unfortunately, we worked with another broker from the Bond firm who fit the horror-broker template completely: he told us what we should be doing; he criticized our choices for wanting something a little different than what he had available; he talked (loudly) over us when we were trying to convey our priorities; and he sneered that we brought our three children along to see apartments. This, I expect, is what most New Yorkers have to experience, but gladly, Gloria was a delight. When it came down to the happy blessing of having two apartments to choose from--one found by Gloria, and one found by the pushy and forceful guy--we wanted our money to go not only to the efficient and professional person, but to the NICE person. Whaddya know? Sometimes the nice person does win out in the end. Kate and Jared Pulham
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November 2013 by Amanda H. -
I worked with Gloria Burtch and she was fabulous. She listened to us and showed us what we were looking for and was so informative! Since my roommate was coming from California and me from Atlanta, we definitely didn''t know a lot about the market in NYC and Gloria was extremely helpful in educating us. I highly recommend working with her - she''s reliable, not pushy, great with follow up and so sweet!

May 2012 by Raffaella K. - Source:
We were very lucky as first time NYers to stumble across the path of Gloria Burtch. She was the just the right lady for the job. She was in our corner the whole time. She negotiated a price change that we requested, she held our hands through the mind boggling information gathering and board reviewing process, and made sure to check in with us all the time. As a note, it was obvious that she also had a wonderful relationship with the owner of the apartment we are taking. It was equally as important to her that we were a good match for the owner and that everyone was comfortable with all terms of the lease. She is truly a people person that goes out of her way to make things happen quickly and easily. I highly recommend her to anyone about to wade into the murky waters of NYC realestate.

February 2012 by Phillip L - Source:
Gloria Burtch helped myself and my two friends look for a place. As recent college graduates with limited funding we were not able to spend extravagantly. Gloria found a number of excellent options, and even though we were difficult about specifics, when something did not work, she came up with great solutions.

Gloria is a pleasure to work with, extremely efficient, and I would recommend her to any and all people looking to find a new apartment. I hope that anybody who reads this does not hesitate, and looks to get her help straight away, you will not regret it.

February 2012 by Becky H - Source:
My son & some friends worked with Gloria Burtch to find his first apartment in NYC. He's not the type to use such services, but he had only glowing reports about her efforts on their behalf. Within a week they found a very affordable apartment in a great part of town.

As the co-signer, what I appreciated about Gloria was how she worked so quickly & thoroughly to secure the apartment that was chosen. I called her on Sunday afternoon & she answered all my many questions & guided me through the application process.

She assured me that the apartment was in a good area & appropriate for their needs. I don't live anywhere near NY, so it was good to know that someone was looking out for them. Gloria made me feel confident about co-signing on the apartment & that my son will be in a good area of the city.

Thanks Gloria, I've already recommended you to my friend's daughter who is moving to NYC next year!!!

February 2012 by Brooks R - Source:

I worked with Gloria Burtch from Anchor to find an apartment for myself and two others. She was a fantastic help. We were referred to her by another friend that had used her previously. We called her out-of-the-blue one Saturday afternoon and asked if she could help us out. She immediately got to work for us and found us a few places to check out that very afternoon. Nothing really clicked so she set up a new host of apartments for us to look at the next weekend. We loved one and she immediately jumped on the case to secure the listing. Three days later we were signing the lease.

All of the apartments she took us to view were within the parameters that we requested. They were all very nice and within the price range we set. When we found an apartment we wanted, Gloria guided us through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible to give us the best chance of securing the apartment.

We were skeptical about using a broker but after this experience I would highly recommend using Anchor and especially Gloria. She truly made me feel like she was working in our best interest, not the land lord, the brokerage firm, or her own. I will definitely be using Gloria if I need to find a new apartment and would absolutely recommend her to anyone hunting for apartments.