April 2013 by Christy Oliver

Thank you so much for your help today! You are amazing! Because of the news Victoria received today about Aveda, we will have to regroup and decide which direction we need to go now. We are not ruling out renting, at this point, so please keep us informed of anything that comes up.

I so believe in the quote you gave to us today. Victoria has already posted it on her FB page :) There is something better out there for Victoria. I told her to move on connecting with your friends in the event that was what was next for her life. You never know!! Thanks a million for being so generous in connecting her to your contacts. That went way above and beyond and I am so thankful!

Again thanks so much for stepping in for Jazz today. We feel blessed to have met you both. If Victoria stays there this summer make her come to your dance classes!

Christy Oliver