January 2018 by Alex S. (yelp)
5.0 star rating 1/4/2018
Finding the perfect apartment in New York can be a difficult experience. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to find an apartment on StreetEasy listed by Scott Schiller. The pictures and description of the apartment were spot on (something which is not always the case) and the entire process was clearly explained. I''ve switched apartments five times while living in New York and working with Scott was my best broker experience, he truly listens to your needs and finds the perfect place that checks all boxes.

My appreciation for Scott grew even more when I was approved for the apartment and learned that Scott would be the apartment manager. Anytime I had a question about the apartment (even trivial things like holiday gift expectations from the building doorman and staff), Scott was there to provide support and guidance. I have the highest respect for Scott and would recommend him to anyone searching for an apartment.

October 2017 by Kent D. (Yelp)
Scott Schiller made the experience of buying an apartment relatively painless. His thoughtful, responsive approach gave me confidence that his team was handling all of the details. I''d certainly recommend him to friends, and will happily work with him on future purchases.

June 2017 by Ken- Yelp
This review is for Scott Schiller and Connie Dellas. They have been tremendous over several years, both with helping to rent out my apartment as well as selling it this last year. My apartment is a co-op with loads of burdensome requirements, but Scott and Connie have always been tenacious and thorough, and a pleasure to work with. This last year Scott was able to get me a very nice offer on my apartment by staging it well, and setting up an open house on an optimal weekend. Then he worked with his Anchor colleagues to make sure all the co-op processes went through smoothly. Very highly recommended!

May 2017 by David- Yelp
This review is for Scott Schiller. I had the pleasure of working with him to find my first apartment in NYC while I was out of state. I appreciated his direct and clear instructions on how the transaction would take place. Moreover, he listened to my requirements and did not show me a plethora of units. I don''t think I would have been able to find a unit while out of state if it wasn''t for him. While I lived in the unit, he was always quite responsive and helped make it a smooth experience. Thanks Scott!

May 2017 by Leon t. (yelp)
This review is for Scott Schiller. A no nonsense broker who gets straight to the point. I''ve lived in NYC my entire life and have always been hesitant to deal with any brokers. Scott is the exception and highly recommended.

March 2017 by Jake C. (yelp)
5.0 star rating 3/2/2017
Scott Schiller was wonderful to work with. He was available anytime I needed him, and got back to me extremely quickly with all of my questions. He worked extremely hard to make sure I was happy with the apartment, and when I needed to relocate earlier than anticipated, he went above and beyond in helping to find a new tenant in order to ease the financial burden of the situation. I can not speak more highly of his work ethic and his character - anyone would be fortunate to have him as their agent.

February 2017 by Jose R. (yelp)
I like to give Scott Schiller from Anchor associates,
A nice five star rating. I was in a situation where I needed a two bedroom apartment, I told him exactly what I''m looking for and he went above and beyond the call of duty and nailed it on the first try.
I did not have to run around all over New York looking at different apartments..thank you.
I would do business with him again and recommend him to anyone looking in the New York City area.

February 2017 by Lovro V. (Yelp)
I had a great pleasure working with Scott Schiller as my agent. He got me familiar with all the laws and information regarding renting policy of NY, providing me all the important details. His long-time expertise in the field could be very much indicated as he handled my situation, which was urgent, very well. He guided me through contractual papers smoothly, providing me great understanding of the case. On top of that he was always available, even for all types of small questions and clarifications.
Scott made me feel really welcome even before I moved in. At every point he made sure I was comfortable and helped me on many fronts.
Thank you for great services Scott.

January 2017 by Anshu K. (yelp)
We had a great experience working with Scott Schiller on renting our apartment. Our family had 45 days to be out of our apartment, and during a slow leasing month (December) we were starting to get a bit stressed about finding a place or having to settle for something less than what we wanted. Luckily we came across Scott''s listing for a condo unit in the Upper West Side.

We had only been in rental buildings previously, but Scott was EXTREMELY helpful in navigating the condo approval process. He was always available for calls or responding to emails with questions, nudged along the various parties in the process (landlord, management company, condo board, etc), and always made sure that we were comfortable and that our questions were answered. Even a month later, he sent us an email to check in on our moving date to hear how things went, showing that he truly cares about customer satisfaction throughout the process.

While we didn''t rely on Scott to show us multiple apartments, I can unequivocally recommend Scott as a broker who knows his properties and has the right relationships to help make a transition as seamless as possible. He is there to answer questions and facilitate the process, which makes it as easy as possible on you as the tenant. Thanks Scott!

December 2016 by Eren S. (yelp)
When I had to find an apartment ASAP because of a break-up with my girlfriend I went through a week of endless frustrating searches that would lead me nowhere. Finding apartment as we all know it in NY City is not easy taking into account the cost, neighborhood, noise, street taking everything into account. The whole process can be very overwhelming and frustrating but then I got in contact with Mr. Scott Schiller. I have never worked with someone that diligent, knowledgeable, taking his time for questions. Scott just took one day to find me a list of 9 apartments all depending on the information I provided for him. Scott showed me the first apartment and I did not need to see the others because I knew that this was it due to Scott''s in-depth knowledge about the real-estate market and what neighborhoods give you the best value for least amount of money. Scott made my stressful move a lot less stressful as the apartment was secured within 4 days. I can''t thank Scott enough for his professional business acumen and great experience in the real-estate market. Next time I have a friend who looks for an apartment, I know that I will recommend Scott because he gets the job done very efficiently in a very responsible way so that as an apartment searcher you are left with minimal amount of work. Not only is Scott easy to work with but he is also a genuinly easy person to work with because of his awesome personality. If you are thinking about renting an apartment, you should really talk and work with Scott. In sum Scott was very helpful, caring and an outstanding professional. Based on what I needed, he showed me the best selection of apartments and I could not be happier.

October 2016 by Edwin Lugo (yelp)
Scott Schiller and his team has done a wonderful job of helping us stay in the fully furnished corporate apartment. Over the last few months our renovation in Manhattan, which is delayed and over budget, has kept us from moving into our permanent home, thus Scott has been a big help extending our lease as needed. His efforts prevented the potential disruption of moving to another temporary unit. Finally, working with him has been very efficient, timely and friendly which we appreciate wholeheartedly. Overall a great team to work with and highly recommended.

September 2016 by Andrew B. (yelp)
Collaborating with Scott Schiller was an absolute pleasure. He made a complex and stressful process feel comfortable and simple. Scott was highly communicative, responsive, and professional. When we first spoke over the phone, he quickly took a genuine interest in my goals. This was equally encouraging and refreshing.

Scott guided me through all essential renting steps and executed a smooth application/approval process. I''d highly recommend contacting Scott when seeking a home suited for your specific needs. I''m grateful that we connected, and I would absolutely reach out to him again in the future!

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