February 2018 by Liv L. , Long Island City
Stephanie has helped me in my long ongoing search for an apartment. Hands down, I have never met such a professional, friendly, proactive agent. She was amazing! Thanks Stephanie! I recommend Anchor for whoever is looking for a trustworthy source.

February 2018 by Sarah H. , Tribeca
This review is a few months overdue, but I worked with Stephanie Kenna to find my place in July and I honestly cannot say enough good things about her! In addition to being an absolute delight to run around the city with, Stephanie quickly understood what I was looking for and didn''t waste my time with apartments lacking my ''must haves'' (not to mention being incredibly patient while I bounced back and forth between a 1 bed or 2). She put in so much time and effort to see places while I was out of town, Facetiming me in to those she thought could be a fit. I trusted her enough to actually sign a lease without setting foot in the apartment first, and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend her!

April 2017 by Michael Z , Murray Hill
As a recent mover to NYC, I quickly learned that the task of finding an apartment is one of the most unpleasant experiences a human in a first world country can encounter. At least, it could have been if it weren''t for Stephanie.

With very little time before my job''s start date and an inability to travel to NYC to actually see properties, I was staring down the barrel of a gun with very few options for success. Before finding Stephanie, I was using the generous time granted to me by my NYC-based sister who would act as my proxy visiting many of the properties I found online. My sister would travel to the properties, some of the comically oversold on the phone by the agent, and give me a video tour of the place.

The results were mixed as I was only getting places that I could find online and without an ear to the ground in the city, I couldn''t get into the best options. I stumbled upon Stephanie''s listing and after a single call, she immediately agreed to pick up the slack for my sister, even giving me the same detailed video tours as she had. She was always a text or call away unlike many of the other realtors/agents/brokers who didn''t care to give that personal touch.

Within merely a couple days, I went from no prospects to several beautiful options that I never would have discovered without her expertise and dedication. Once I selected what is now my current apartment, Stephanie continued to provide day-by-day, sometimes hour-by-hour consultation on how to proceed with my application. She has even followed up with me to ask how my move in has gone.

You want to trust someone to do the job right in a industry full of crooks and shysters? Call up Stephanie right now.

December 2016 by Nathan H. (Zillow)
Stephanie helped my roommate and I find an apartment in summer 2016, and was very helpful and responsive to our preferences. She was available virtually 24/7 regarding inquiries or concerns we had, and additionally provided follow up advice. Not only is she knowledgeable about the neighborhood, but the process involved with lease negotiations and the lessee/management dynamic. Have recommended her to friends, and would do so again.

December 2016 by Mike H. (Zillow)
Steph is amazing! I was in desperate need of an apartment and only had a few days to find the perfect place. Within a few hours, Steph met me in the East Village with a list of gorgeous, affordable apartments tailored to my needs. Highly recommended!

October 2016 by Niklas B. (yelp)
This review is for Stephanie Kenna. Stephanie was was very helpful, responsive and flexible to work around my schedule. She found several listings that matched my criteria and was always very prepared when we met. I can highly recommend Stephanie!

August 2016 by Lauren S. (yelp)
My roommate and I worked with Stephanie Kenna. As first time NYC renters she made the process quick and easy and we ended up signing one of the first apartments we saw. She was great to work and I would definitely recommend choosing her!

July 2016 by Marlena H. (yelp)
Stephanie Kenna was the most professional and efficient broker I have ever worked with. She was diligent in her research and was able to come up with an extensive list of apartments to view based off of our very specific requests that exceeded our expectations. She was positive and made the (potentially daunting process) enjoyable. Stephanie''s level of organization and communication was exceptional--she was extremely honest and helpful throughout the whole process. She was highly professional and really allowed us to explore apartments we initially thought would be out of the realm of possibility. She proved herself bright, capable, and passionate about New York and its real estate. I highly recommend using this agent for your next move!