December 2017 by Barbara Rosati-Matsui
I met Tony Segno through one of his listings on the Internet. Once I contacted him, he responded promptly. He asked all the right questions pertaining to my needs and understood that I had a limited amount of time to look for an apartment as I was making a hurried move from the West Coast to the East Coast, and I also needed a short term (6 month lease). He opened up his schedule to accommodate this rush and showed me several apartments within just a few days. We talked about what I liked and what I didn’t like and he immediately refined his search to meet my needs.

We settled quickly and easily on the perfect apartment in the perfect location. Tony met me, at my convenience, to sign all the papers and explained all the details. In addition, he gave me referrals for furniture delivery, utilities, and local services.

Tony made it clear that if I needed anything, I could call him: Before, during, or after the move. We stayed in touch and I was confident that everything would go smoothly. Once, I started the move, it proceeded like clockwork, and I have been in my apartment for almost a month. I could not be happier, not only with my apartment, but with the service I received from Tony Segno. He made all the difference in what could have been a very stressful time.

Thank you Tony!!!

December 2017 by Julia!
Kind, honest, professional and hardworking are only some of the words I’d use to describe Tony. He made apartment hunting in Westchester a breeze, he never applied pressure and told us repeatedly the home has to “work for us.” Within a few hours with Tony we found a place that worked perfectly for us. If you want a real estate agent who shows up, won’t up-sell you on a place you can’t afford and genuinely wants to see you happy, look no further than Tony. I would recommend him to anyone!

October 2017 by Maureen O'Connor
Tony’s extensive experience, professionalism and warm, calm New York sensibility was notable during our 1st conversation. Tony was instrumental in helping me find the perfect place for myself and my family quickly! Tony was super-accommodating and helped make our transition to our new place easy!

May 2017 by Amy Wilson - Review
The world should be filled with more people like Tony Segno! I called Tony when we found out we had to be out of our apartment relatively quickly and saw one of his listings that we were almost 100% certain we would rent. He heard my sincerity and took the listing down until we could meet the following day, which was his 29th wedding anniversary.

That did not stop him from expediency. The next day we rented the apartment:) He is extremely knowledgeable about the building and the area, warm, friendly and personable. He worked with us to find a lease start date that was a win-win. There are still good, kind, genuine people in the world like Tony!

July 2015 by Brittany Pease
Working with Tony Segno was an absolute pleasure from the start. He was always more than willing to go out of his way for our convenience while maintaining the proper professional procedures. As new renters, we were looking for someone with his experience and expertise to help us find the perfect place, and he more than succeeded. I would, and plan to, recommend Tony’s excellent work to anyone interested in a truly seamless rental experience.

March 2015
To the Management of Anchor Associates and their respective clients,

I am writing to give Tony Segno my highest recommendation. Tony possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent senior agent and manager: he knows his market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and very patient with his clients. Tony is both very professional and personable while clearly taking pride in doing a good job. In my particular case, I was in need of an apartment quickly and Tony made everything happen swiftly and efficiently so that I could move in quickly.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Tony in his role.

February 2014 by Laura Mariconda
Hey Tony,

I wanted to let you know as well as your company that you were absolutely wonderful to work with. You made what could be a very stressful process of trying to find an apartment both smooth and even enjoyable.
Thank you so much for your help- if I ever know anyone looking to buy or rent I will be sure to send them your way!
Thanks again

January 2014 by Shyamala Velappan & Torsten Hinkelmann
Dear Val,
We''d like you to know what an incredible realtor and friend Tony Segno has been to us since we met him in November. Tony was introduced by Francois Baron, another outstanding realtor and member of your team when we moved to New York from Singapore, and were looking to buy a home in Westchester.
Not only did Tony help us to find the house of our dreams - 90 Cortlandt Avenue, New Rochelle - he went above and far beyond the services that we, as clients had expected of him. He listened to us when we explained our needs and expectations - and the proof in that is that it took us just a month to find the right home for us and to close the deal. There was no time wasted looking at properties we weren''t interested in. He knew and understood clearly what we wanted. Francois had introduced Tony as the Westchester expert, and Tony proved several times over, that he is indeed that and more! He is very knowledgeable about the property market here and most certainly knows the area well.
Tony helped us to successfully negotiate the purchase, he introduced us to a great attorney for the closing, and many excellent contractors for roofing, flooring, renovation and painting services that we needed for the house, and he even helped to manage them all.
The move into our new home was a fairly stressful process for us all, but Tony called frequently during that period just to remind us to take things in stride. Until today, he has been persistent about following-up with the seller''s realtor (who has hardly been responsive) on various commitments the seller had made to us in the sale - commitments which the seller''s agent was to deliver upon.
We are new to the area and still, Tony continues to be our first point of reference for all the things we need to get settled in our new home and in the area - whether it''s a contact for a car dealership, pediatrician, dry-cleaners, or even a great Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood. It has been a month since the closing on our home purchase, but just this morning, Tony called to ask if we would need help shovelling our driveway following last night''s winter storm. Of course, we had fully expected Tony to show up with a shovel!
Tony has become a valued friend to our family. He still calls us several times a week just to ask how we''re doing and to see if he can help us in any way. We love and appreciate his patience, kindness and sense of humour - he is truly one-of-a-kind. Our three-year old daughter Anya absolutely adores him - that in and of itself speaks mountains about Tony''s character and personality.
It goes without saying that Tony sets the bar for his profession, his peers and for the industry. We doubt there''s another realtor out there who is like him. He is clearly Anchor Associates'' most valuable member and we hope that he will be recognized for it.

Many thanks.

November 2013 by Deborah & Richard Suozzo
A few months back we closed on the sale of our Co-op at 666 Pelham Road in New Rochelle. Tony Segno was our representative. A friend of ours referred him to us. We never actually met Tony in person as we live in Florida but I do want to say in speaking with him I felt like I knew him for years. He has that warm friendly personality that you just connect to.
Along the way we did run into some issues with the buyer as most real estate transactions do. Tony just went out of his way to help us get everything in place. He was just truly amazing.

I have met a lot of real estate agents over the years and Tony is just at the top of the list. His personality and professionalism makes him a very special employee. I just wanted to thank you for having Tony on your team.
Deborah & Richard Suozzo

July 2013
Hello Tony,
Hope this note finds you well!
I was hoping to send you a handwritten note, (yes, I still do and prefer to do that in this day and age!), but was not sure which of the three Manhattan offices you are affiliated with.
I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort renting my mom’s second floor apartment. The girls, Amy, Samantha and Meghan are such a delight; mom couldn’t be happier! We think they are happy too!
So glad that I called you upon Mr. Fuschetto’s referral – you were such a pleasure to speak to! I am very happy that you took the time to meet us and bring such wonderful tenants to my mom’s home.
The apartment seems to be lively once again!
Again, thank you so much for your time, sincere interest and utmost care.
Best regards,
Lee Kulsha (Linda) and mom, Maria C. Moreira

July 2013
I just wanted to take some time and thank you for your help in renting my new apartment in Fleetwood. You were so accommodating and completely took the stress out of the process. You made me feel comfortable throughout the process and I am so happy I ended up working with you. Not only did you show us a beautiful apartment, you also took the time to tell us about the area and places we''d like to go. Megan, Samantha, and I love our new apartment and we are so grateful to you for that. If we ever need help finding another apartment in the future we now know who to call. Please forward this note onto your management as I would like them to know what a great experience it was working with you.
Thanks again,
Amy Thomas

December 2012
Please forward our note of appreciation to your Management. We feel that when someone embeds qualities that outshines others in their field, recognition of that individual needs to be addressed.
Moving is hectic enough besides adding the effect of moving out-of-state, starting a new job and learning how to navigate in New York City. These are the things that you encountered from us and to top that, just recently dealt with some unprofessional leasing agents which started making our move to New York seem like it was a bad idea. We had spent many years in Boston filling us with great memories, a wonderful relationship with our leasing agency and a beautiful, upscale condominium that we feared we would never enjoy again. We had two weeks to secure a home, pack and find movers before starting a new job. Tony, this is where you stepped in and just erased all those worries away and got things moving for us. A few things made you stand out compare to others in your field:
•You listened and understood our needs and in fact, you represented Anchor Associates more like we were potential buyers than just renting a unit. That really does make a difference especially since we were previous homeowners and felt like any place we rented was a home.
•You met our time constraints by being prepared upfront. By your forethought of bringing all the necessary documents during our first engagement, you saved us another trip from Boston that also aided in our next steps of the physical move.
•You took the lead in providing us with helpful recommendations to assist in our move. We noticed that your presence at Nodine Manor was more than a brief encounter, you were engaged with the residents, the town and it’s surroundings. We were grateful for the suggestions on who to obtain for in-town moves, where we could enjoy a nice dinner and a glass of wine to celebrate our move and how the commuter rail transportation worked to New York City.
•You didn’t disappear after we signed the lease. Maybe that is hard to image that it stands to be noticed but it does! This really makes a difference for someone to decide to stay long term and keep re-leasing from the same management company. You called us and where available for any questions; this was extremely appreciated being new to the area.
•And one of the outstanding things is you showed us what a caring neighbor Anchor Associates and Pacific Transglobal was. We just moved in that Friday before Hurricane Sandy hit and you made sure that all of us here at Nodine Manor were safe and sound. You even came by to help us move things into secure areas prior to the storm!
Tony, we feel that we will have a very long relationship with you, Pacific Transglobal and Nodine Manor. The holiday gathering of neighbors was something we really enjoyed. It gave us a chance to meet our neighbors and realize that this is more than a rental complex – it’s a home. Boston seems so far away now that we have started wonderful memories here.
Thank you for making our move to New York a start to great memories,
Rob and Yvonne Chekaluk

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