February 2017 by Nadira
Vidal is amazing! What a dedicated agent, excellent communicator and client advocate. Vidal was on point and helped us throughout each stage of the rental process. He secured the apartment of our dreams all within a weeks time. I simply cannot convey how thankful my husband and I are for all his hard work! We cannot wait to use his services again. Highly recommend Vidal Benbasat.

December 2016 by Alex S , Naked Apartments Review , Manhattan
I met a lot of agents over my search for an apartment in NYC. Vidal was easily one of the best. He always met me at apartments, rather than at his office and he made appropriate suggestions. He was knowledgeable and helpful.

November 2016 by Starla S , Yelp Review , Manhattan
I am so grateful that I found Vidal Benbasat. He was kind, professional and honest. He took the time to educate me about the market, neighborhoods and was fully transparent about broker fees.

He asked questions, listened to what I wanted and then thoughtfully came up with possibilities. Vidal loves what he does and it shows. I had the sense that he wanted nothing more than to find me an apartment that I loved. And I did, thanks to him.

September 2016 by Jenn David , Yelp Review
Vidal Benbasat is fantastic. He was the broker for me and my roommate as we looked for our first NYC apartment. He was extremely responsive--called me on a Sunday within minutes after first emailing about an apartment!--and he helped us throughout every step of the process. He was knowledgable and persistent without EVER being pushy. Plus, you feel like you''re working with a real person and not just a broker, someone who truly is looking out for you, being honest with you, and trying to get you the best deal.

As various issues (on our end) popped up along the way, Vidal was always patient, helpful, and above all, incredibly understanding and sweet. We had looked at several apartments (and met several brokers) before this and were starting to get discouraged--Vidal changed that. He snagged us our dream apartment, winning out against other applicants in the process, and was clearly so happy just to see how happy we were with the place. This work ethic and kindness extends to the rest of the team: Claire was also great, helping out and talking with us when we went in to discuss concerns like guarantors, etc. I can''t recommend Vidal, Claire, and the whole Anchor Associates team enough. I''ve already told friends looking to rent in the city to talk to Vidal. He''s genuinely excited to do this work and is fantastic at it. Working with Vidal was a wonderful welcome to the city, and it was truly a pleasure to have him as our broker. Thank you again, Vidal!

April 2016 by Adam
Vidal showed me beautiful apartments and was pleased to tell me everything I needed to know about the surrounding neighborhood and any amenities. He is a pleasure to work with and really set my mind at ease while looking for my future home in NY - and trust me, I''ve had some really, really bad experiences. You can tell when someone has really vetted a place, and when they understand your needs. Looking forward to seeing more with him.