March 2017 by Cate H. On Yelp! , East Village
Zack made our NYC renting experience a breeze! He was up front about the paperwork we needed, showed us a variety of apartments, and stayed on the management company even when things got complicated. Very professional and incredibly easy to work with. I would recommend Zack to any friend looking for an apartment!

March 2017 by Grace J. on Naked Apartments! , East Village
Zack was not only extremely quick to respond to my inquiry, but he managed to compile a great selection of apartments within my budget and wishlist. Would definitely love to work with him again in the future, and can''t recommend him enough!

December 2016 by Rachel K. On Naked Apartments! , Murray Hill
I had a great experience working with Zack.
As a foreigner moving to the city and needing to find an apartment asap, Zack quickly got an understanding of what I was looking for and didn''t waste time, only taking me to view quality places where he knew my international status wouldn''t cause any issues. He was very patient and didn''t pressurize my decision, and was extremely supportive and accommodating during the whole process, in particular helping me with the approval process and paperwork to ensure we got the deal closed as quickly as possible.
Overall I''d highly recommend Zack; he''s proactive, efficient, and a very competent and trustworthy broker who clearly worked hard to get the best outcome for me.

September 2016 by Emily G. on Naked Apartments! , East Village
Zack was fantastic to work with from start to finish. He was professional and showed us a diverse bunch of apartments that aligned perfectly with what we were looking for. Zack showed us around 6 apartments, and each one was better than any apartment we had seen with another broker. Zack works to help you find the absolute best apartment within your price range and is great about following up from start to finish. He makes the entire process seamless, organized, and rewarding in the end! We love our new apartment and will be referring him to friends!

March 2016 by Rachel A. on Yelp! , East Village
I worked with Zack Haluszczak on a lease reassignment. Zack made this entire process stress free and took care of advertising the apt and showing it to possible tenants. I was able to get out of my 24 month lease quickly without paying the hefty fee originally requested by the landlord. I would recommend Zack to anyone looking to rent or deal with a lease reassignment. He is kind, courteous and easy to be around... and punctual!!!

March 2016 by Amanda W. On Naked Apartments , Upper West Side
Zack was absolutely phenomenal! He was incredibly knowledgable about not only the neighborhoods he showed, but also, the individual buildings themselves. His patience with me as a first time NYC real estate shopper was greatly appreciated. I never felt rushed into making a decision and he went above and beyond to make sure that I was comforable with my choice and the whole process. Thanks, Zack!

December 2015 by Stephen B. on Yelp! , Murray Hill
Worked with Zack H. and the experience was excellent! No pressure, genuinely was concerned about my interest and had a great experience working with him.

November 2015 by Konstantin T. on Yelp! , Midtown East
Zack is definitely the most reliable, wise and honest broker we've ever worked with, a true real estate baron and a wonderful, easy-going person. Zack knows everything about Manhattan and its neighborhoods. He was very attentive to our needs and by far exceeded our expectations. With Zack's help just in two days we've managed to find an ideal apartment for our young family and the next day we moved in there. Zack supported us throughout the whole cycle starting from the neighborhood choice to the assistance with paperwork and apartment management approval process.

I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking for an apartment not to waste their time trying to find an apartment themselves or working with rude and unreliable brokers. Zack is great!

Feel free to get in touch with me by email ( and I'll tell you more.

Konstantin T.

July 2015 by Chris S. On Naked Apartments , Midtown East
This guy is the real deal. I can''t sing his praises enough. I moved to NYC and looked at almost 20 apartments with various brokers. I responded to Zack''s listing, he called me that day, met me and has everything taken care of to view some places. Instead of wasting my time, he asked me what I wanted, cancelled those that didn''t work for me and told me I''ve got the one. Then we saw it, it was the absolute best deal on the market (unheard of Manhattan studio with prime location, quality and price). As if that wasn''t enough, he got me an even better deal and did whatever it took to get the approval and help me figure out a way to close the deal. Leased was signed within 24 hours. Trust me, this guy has what it takes. Don''t even waste your time with anybody else. Zack gets it done everytime and more importantly, you can trust him. He''s available. He follows up even after the close. Everything a broker should be and worth every penny. Call him right now.

July 2015 by Stephen G. on Yelp! , West Village
My roommate and I worked with Zack Haluszczak this year and we were very happy with our apartment search results. Zack took extra time and effort to fully understand the apartment needs and budget we were looking for, only showing us locations we could actually afford, without any hidden fees or deceptive prices. He also prepared tours of several available apartments for us to view together, and had arranged keys and viewing availabilities beforehand. Zack was also very helpful when it came down to meeting with the landlords and submitting all necessary paperwork. The extra effort and level of professionalism did not go unnoticed!

June 2015 by Alyssa F. On Yelp! , Upper East Side
I had a great experience with Zack from Anchor! He was really helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. He was always reachable and lined up so many places for me to see it made the process really great. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!

January 2015 by Rachel K. On Naked Apartments! , Upper East Side
Zack did a great job showing my husband and I apartments in New York City. He was very compliant with our budget and requirements. He even showed us apartments under our budget, which i have never experienced, ever, with a broker in NYC. He was very easy to work with, and overall a genuinely, nice guy.
The apartments he showed us were great as far as city apartments go, the only reason we did not go with one of his was because we found an apartment at the last minute in Brooklyn which was by some close friends and Zack does not specialize in Brooklyn.
I would, without any doubt, use Zack again if we were looking to move back into Manhattan.

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